Thanthip Beach Resort

Welcome to Thanthip Beach Resort Phuket, Thailand

Welcome to Thanthip Beach Resort Phuket, Thailand

The white sand beaches, warm of tropical sun, turquoise sea with cloud shadows, made Patong Beach, Phuket... become the most prestigious destinations in the world.

Thanthip Villa is situating only 200 meters to popular Patong Beach is waiting for you all reveal to take the elegance atmosphere and instilling a feeling of harmony. Complementing unique retained natural beauty lush tropical garden around large swimming pool. The most comfortable accommodations are suitable set in a tranquilly place.

To stay at our resort is hard to resist. That is more than harder when you see tempting our room rates and promotion. See all to make them really special.

Defined restaurant & bars, offer traditional Thai, freshly seafood, European food and more. Refreshment cooling drinks with almost popular recipes. Coffee outlet is serving snacks and Wi-Fi internet with lively surrounding atmosphere.

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